29 avril 2017

"Le cap Blanc-Nez (Pas-de-Calais) : falaises, pelouses calcicoles et oiseaux" sur ornithomedia.com

Voici une présentation des falaises du Cap Blanc-Nez et autres secteurs voisins, publiée sur le site ornithomedia.com

6 commentaires:

  1. I really like to see landscapes like this! Beautiful. My translate gadget is not working today. I do not speak French (sadly -- I wish I did)... but I think I know that the name of this cape would translate to White Nose. (There is a Native American tribe near where we were born and raised that is called Nez Perce .. and I know it means pierced nose. And I think that all wine drinkers know what Blanc means ;>)..... I wish I knew more French.

    Thank you always for your beautiful posts.

  2. Great photos of magnificent scenery.