17 avril 2014

Observation de 11 goélands bagués UKA, NHAH, 528N, 738N, 508K, 341K, 104N, 452N, 029A, 454N & 155K...

En fin de journée, quai de la Loire, la lumière rasante dans un décor plutôt industriel se trouve soudainement comme adoucie...
Parmi les goélands, il y avait UKA, N.HAH, 528N, 738N, 508K, 341K, 104N, 452N, 029A, 454N & 155K

2 commentaires:

  1. It is quite amazing that you are discovering so many banded birds? Do you know where they were banded?

    1. Birds wearing red rings were ringed by friends and ourselves at this point, but also at Dunkirk and Gravelines. Birds wearing blue rings come from Belgium. We send its comments to our manager who is responsible for sending to the persons concerned. In return, we receive a hostorique of bird life.